School Rules

A. Leave Rules

  • 95% Attendance is Compulsory
  • Students will not ask for leave without Permission from their Parents.
  • Parents are requested to submit an Application for leave if there is some urgency, duly signed by them.
  • If any student remains absent from the school without Specific reason for seven days, his/her name will be struck off from the rolls of register.
  • Pupils will not be taken off from the school during teaching hours without Gate Pass.
  • These rules should be obeyed strictly.

B. Discipline

  • Every Student should reach the school in the time i.e. 5 minutes before the bell rings.
  • They will leave the school after the last bell.
  • Parents are requested not to encourage their wards to miss the school without a sufficient cause, for that they should submit an application for leave.
  • Students should behave in a refined manner and greet their teachers whenever they see them inside or outside the school.
  • Students should come to school in Proper Dress.
  • Name, Class, and Roll No. should be clearly marked on their belongings.
  • Parents are advised to inculcate in their wards to pay proper respect to their teachers and should not criticize them in the presence of their wards.
  • Parents are not allowed to visit classes during their visits to School. If some information has to be passed it should be through the Principal.